Life is Good\(^O^)/

listen to the girl

Recently Japan  weather is so changeful between warm and cold.
I took a day off today.
I thought I was going to North side. But My girlfriend suggest me to go
to Beach of  NW side.
I feel not go there but, I listen to her.
Well Beaches condition was cross off with waist high waves.
There was so gusty,If you are in right position, it can be epic!
I made only one set with 5.4&100
Getting less waves cause of  high tide around lunch time.
When i off the beach, my girlfriend told me that  not satisfied!
I feel done for the day but…. Ok What ever you said.
Move to other side of beach.
Everybody sail with 4.0! looks so windy!
I rig up again 5.4&100. Had a fun time.
Life make me easy when listen to the girl.
That word remind me Phil. He always said that(^-^)/

自分は山陰方面に行くつもりだったがZキー師匠の意見を聞きシマド方面に行きました。到着するとシマドは爆風な感じ。ドイガーに行くとクロスオフで腰波。5.4&100で出艇。むちゃガスティーで乗りにくかった。しかし良い波にハマるとウヒョ〜でした。1本だけだったけど(⌒-⌒; )昼には満ちて来て波も無くなり上がったがZキー師匠は乗り足りん!(>_<)と豪語!自分は終了モードだったけど。シマドに移動。波は落ちてたが待ってたたら上がってきた!皆さん4.0。自分は波間のアンダーを考慮して5.4&100。どこまで乗れるんだこの板!おかげさまで腰胸のサイドで乗れました!



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