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2011/04/02 のアーカイブ

Lost Virgin

Well I was so much excited to go to North shore.
little bit gusty inside, but my 5.0 works great. It been long time ride a head high waves.
I feel so good♪♪♪
The end, I was getting out. little bit struggle for light wind.
OMG! big one was came in! I just drop the sail then working on sink my sail.
Wave was fall on my back head! BANG!!
I felt so much pain in my face and blood all over! I think hit by boom head.
I doubt broken nose……
Quickly I went to nearest hospital then took medical check. Took CT scan and Lost Virgin at Nose hole! This is worst part. Doctor did insert use his pinkie finger until all!! So much pain!  OOOOMG(T_T)
Nurse was hold on me fully power! because I got a Pain! and move.
Well after horrible exam, no broken part of nose. I can keep my handsome face hahahah(^O^)
I hope I can get out on water!
Some friend brake a mast. other one was sail……

No luck from yesterday… yesterday was car accident. hit by back…..

ブームジョーに強打したようだ。流血( ̄ェ ̄)
CTを取りその後、鼻穴Lost Virgin!これが一番痛かった!