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2010/11/24 のアーカイブ


Yesterday one guy had a broken gear way out side. I guess broken boom or mast. Although he abandon a rig then tried to paddle back, there was too windy for paddle. He couldn’t reach to at the beach also help current.
Some of my friend sail there for help.
244 was back to beach then called at coast guard.
605 was tie down with the guy then start towing. There is ship course. So many big ships pass by. At least got way from ship course.
I stay there for them.
I saw coast guard pass by in front of us! They couldn’t notice us! Oh no~Σ( ̄□ ̄;)
At last 605 was towed the guy all way from way out there to the beach.Took around 45 minutes. Good Job 605! He used to working on the ship. He has much experience accident at sea.

自分は少し彼らの周りをうろうろ。そうすると自分達の前を保安庁がピュ~!あれ~通り過ぎちゃった!こっち見てたのにΣ( ̄□ ̄;)
結局、45分(about)かけてI 隊長流れをもろともせず浜まで彼を牽引して帰ってきた!すげ~さすがI隊長!おとこを見さしてもらいました!