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2010/10/06 のアーカイブ

Some wind

Wednesday! Weather forecast was not that great.
Feel tone down a bit. We decided to go to North Shore. We hope get some wind.
When we get there, It’s Wind!! Not very strong but It’s something. Good for Team Wednesday. They have only day off at Wednesday. I was on 7.0 until the end. Practice with 237.
D-Land and Pin, They were sail with 6.2.
The end, D-Land rip his sail by  the waves! But he satisfied a day because he didn’t get wind a while since….maybe a month.
Which sail he will get next!?

D-Landさんは最後に巻かれてセイルをパリ~ん、しかし笑顔だった。彼は最近風に当たってないので乗れただけでもうれしかったらしい。さて彼はどのセイルをゲットするのかな!? !?