Life is Good\(^O^)/

Good and Bad

Yesterday I went to US consulate for interview.
I had to take this interview to get new Visa. Paper work and make an statement prepare from couple of month. Time has come.
Well, Granted a New Visa! Interview was pretty smooth. Of Cause I didn’t anything wrong. Nothing to shame of. Any way  here is the point. I able to get a visa but, No guarantee that I can be  enter USA.
This case is very sensitive,they might not let you in. Sounds like a they have a case like me.
I waited almost a year for back there, should be OK. All judge is immigration officer they have….nnnn…
What a heck! Live or Die! I have to give the shot. No more USA or still have a chance.
The other story for this trip.
Well, As I told my blog,I had injury my left thigh couple of days ago.
Still haven’t heal. I had to walk around yesterday. My inside of thigh was so much painful during walk.
Then I reach at around consulate, I still got a time before interview. So I decided killing some time at coffee shop. Take a seat and drink a tea. Suddenly strong algor attacked me! So fucking cold.
started shaking. My little finger were numb. feel like a fever going up.
The algor keeps until enter consulate. Getting feeling better during interview.
But all I done, During walk back to train station. I had same feeling.
It was so hard but I manage to back home.
When I back home, I used thermometer. My fever Is 38.6C.(101F.)
I went to Hospital today.
My back of left thigh is internal bleeding. My some Muscle of thigh is rip.
Cause of this make me fever. no catch a cold.
Doctor gave me 3 weeks notice to recover. Take some medicine and cool badage.
Well It’s over for now, i release tension go away and relax.

コメント / トラックバック3件

  1. Tim

    good luck with your visa buddy, we are heading over in August and we hope to see you.

    2010/03/14 9:44 PM

  2. Tatsunori

    Thank you! Me too.

    2010/03/17 11:21 AM

  3. Olivier

    WOOHOOO!!!! Congratulations on the much awaited Visa Tatsu!!! I am sure you are looking forward to going back to Maui! I’ll wait for your return to NP Maui before getting a new JP SS! Regards, Olivier in Boston (soon moving back to San Francisco!!! Can’t wait!)

    2010/03/17 3:43 PM


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