Life is Good\(^O^)/

Darby’s Attack Dog!

I got mail from my friend Darby at Maui.
He send some picture at his dog’s
Whoa! getting adult size!
When I left at Maui, (almost one year) One dog was small and baby!
Same time I cross my mind Rene’s daughter Lucy(Mm)!
I guess she getting big too.

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  1. Tim

    hey buddy. I hope you are well. Annabel is going to have the baby tonight so pretty busy in Oz. When are you heading back to Maui? we are going to be back over to say hi late august. Hope we see you there.take care

    2010/02/02 2:21 AM

  2. Tatsunori

    Hey Tim I will fright back there end of May, Before Race series start.Hope I can do hospitality for you☆彡

    2010/02/02 8:59 AM

  3. Tim

    thats great Tatsu, we had a little boy today, we called him Maverick! We will see you for sure, I want to get a 91 or 100 l super sport. We may bring some friends with us that need gear also. See you in August buddy, take care.

    2010/02/03 12:16 PM

  4. Tatsunori

    Hey Tim Congratulation\(^O^)/I will do Best I can for you!

    2010/02/04 9:06 AM


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