Life is Good\(^O^)/

I tune

Last night I bought 2 movie’s from I tune.
Which isDistrict-9 and 9nine. Both movie’s are I wanted see, but I couldn’t see at Japan.
Haven’t show yet.
Usually can’t buy a movie from Japanese I tune. But I have US bank account and US I tune account.
USA side of I tune is such a good for me! I can buy a movie which is new one haven’t come yet.
Out here movie is expensive at theater! about $19.55 for one! Late show discount $13.
still expensive, Beside old one!
Well excited see both movie’sWink
昨夜、I tuneで2本映画を買った!District-99nineて言う映画。2本とも日本ではまだ公開されていない。
日本I tuneからではUS I tuneの映画が買えないのだが、自分はUSの銀行口座を持ってるしUS I tuneアカウントが
US I tuneは自分にとっては最高!日本ではまだ上映されていない映画がいち早く買えちゃう!
いや~見るのが楽しみだ!Open-mouthed 予告編は上のリンクからで~す。

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  1. chuck

    Hi Tats,Happy new year! Hope to see you back in Maui soon.We have light or Kona wind now in Maui since early Dec, only a few days NE so learning surfing and sup,and sailing konas, so tell me the secret for forward loop?? Next step for meLater,Chuck

    2010/01/05 6:36 PM

  2. Tatsunori

    Hey Chuck! Happy New Year\(^O^)/Sounds like a you keep good life there! Please smash Rip for me on wave.My friend told me FL tip! No more fear like a before! I will make it soon for sure(^m^)When I back to Maui you should join FL club!

    2010/01/07 9:00 AM


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