Life is Good\(^O^)/


October! Time is passed so quick. 3 month left this year.
Winter is coming sooo soon.
Ohoooo My GodConfused

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  1. chuck

    Hey Tats,Chuck from Maui, howzit? Looks like you are getting some interesting cultural events, I see a severne sailsin your shots, how are those? Compare to NP? I was thinking of getting severne s1 and blade, do you like them compare to NP combat and alpha? Any news from Visa wait? Keep ripping, Chuck

    2009/10/01 7:29 PM

  2. Tatsunori

    Hi Chuck!How are you doing? I’m doing well. I hope you are enjoy my blog.Your question about Severne sails. Off cause NP sails are Best for me. Especially The Fly!But which is I don’t have here. Actually I order some sails from NPM.I will be ride NP sails again pretty soon.I guess you like a Alpha type of sail. Compare with SV Blade. Alpha has more power and stable.My Blade is I can use it but it’s not good as much as NP sailsEven if when you get SV let me know how you feeling.My Visa is totally dead! Next year I have to apply kind of tourist visa for back to Maui.I beleve everything going up light.I miss Maui……….Take care my friendTatsu

    2009/10/04 11:30 AM


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