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2009/06/03 のアーカイブ


well I think too much to what happens. so I decide to go watch a movie then
refresh my mind. I went to see Star Trek also I forgot tell went see Angels&Demon before fright.
Star Trek is nice action pack movie. also I get courage from story.
if you are fun of old Star Trek, you could be enjoy twice the time.
Angels&Demon is very high tempo mysterious suspense story.
nice twist story too. more info at cinema haha爆笑
well I’d like to see Bernini’s sculpture in Rome.
気晴らしに映画を見に行った。今回見たのはStar Trek。それと以前、飛行機で飛立つ前に見たのがAngels&Demon。
Star Trekはアクション満載で勇気をもらえるお話。あともし昔のスタートレックのファンだと2倍楽しめますよ!
Angels&Demon はすごくテンポが速いミステリーサスペンス。