Life is Good\(^O^)/

so dem Tired

well i’m arrive at Taiwan.
I have to stay here 1 night for waiting my fright at Sunday to my city.
so many time and so many transit.
I feel criminal too! they took my pasport away until arrive in Japan.
well fucking so dem tired……気持ち悪い

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  1. chuck

    Hey Tats,Chuck from Maui,I apologize for my stupid goverment, we are not a real smart country, just look we elected GWBush twice!Go get some sleep and regroup with another visa, then try again,keep your spirits up, let me know if I can be a sponsor or if you need something like that,regards, Chuck

    2009/05/31 7:23 PM

  2. Tatsunori

    Thanks Chuck very much appreciate for that. I feel bummer! but I will not give up!I just send some mail to US consulate in Japan.

    2009/06/01 5:29 AM


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