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2009/03/16 のアーカイブ

kite lesson

well I back from Kite lesson two days of law.
my friend ask me to go to kite, but I can’t do kite.
he offer me to learn how to kite from him.
we are drove 3hour from my city. weather forecast was looks good.
this location is very far but good place to learn kite.
inside has shallow part. sand is not fine ,so even crash ground is soft.
couple of time i was blow off from high hahah. so much power I felt.
wind was 22mph to 31mph. I used 5.5 and 4.
well I can run port side, but I can’t go starboard side. I can’t image.
I got kind of seasick from ready position.dusy….
my friend told, before back in Maui I have to be able to back in forth.
hope I will be soon.