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2009/03/09 のアーカイブ

over charge

Whao it was long trip! Finally I made back home.

I took 2board to back home. Total over charge is $200

At Maui I negotiated with porter, then I paid $100. my board bag is 40kg!

Maui to Oahu was easy. Next day When I check in at Honolulu,

that was tough one! They told me price of over charge was $480!!!!!!! Whaaaat way too much!

I said, only one board and sail’s you should have windsurfing complete bag price!

But truth is 2board and no sail’s

Took me long time to negotiation with them. They said bag is 40kg too heavy.

Then I tried to separate 2 bags. Try not to show them inside bag.

I made 30kg and 10kg.

They charge me $100!  $480 down to $100 what a rip off.

I guess price will so much change depends of check in place people.

Last year I bring back 2board 2boom 4sail’s 4mast, it was sail bag and double board bag, I paid $160 only.

Any way very tired.

In Japan is Sooo dem cold air!! I already want to go back to Maui.

I don’t get used to this kind cold weather anymore.