Life is Good\(^O^)/


Well time to go to another Trip.
I will go to Omaezaki of Shizuoka with my friend.
weather will be Windy and Cold. I better be careful catch a coldウインク
I think I can meet new people and friend over there.
sounds like a excitingパーティ

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  1. 台風

    Unfoundedly ,Near Here West Japan we could not have enough wind, so are not satisfied about it.
    I know that you and your friends have been enjoining in the super rough and hard condition in omaezaki where is most famous place as just sanctuary for all Japanese windsurfers.
    Anyway we want to find more interesting pictures and stories.
    We are looking for it soon.
    See you later.

    2008/01/01 12:17 PM


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