Life is Good\(^O^)/


Another windy day.we still have planty of wind.
I was on 5.4 with slalom board.
biginning was very power up! couple hour later
wind were back of litle bit.
but still bumpy on surface of water.
It is hard to ride……

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  1. 台風

    I have never ridden slalom boards under 90 l.
    I could not imagine 69 l one.
    But probably it must be fastest in this category.
    While I was staying Maui, I used to rent wave boards around 70L.
    It was comfortable volume board for Maui conditions.
    But you know in Japan I rarely use my small wave one.
    Recently I counted times of using it in 2006.
    I had used just only 10 times, except staying Maui.
    I think that you are living in the ideal place not only windsurf but also your other real life.
    Someday I wish I were in Maui.

    2007/04/23 2:38 PM


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